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I'm looking and thanks for the link!!! It's still kind of hard to narrow it down. I just want something softer, but not squishy. Something very basic. I've never had any problems with arches or pain or anything. I just want something that doesn't feel like a piece of wood.

Kcire10- Edea's are so amazing, you see so many people skating on them in the olympics. I would LOVE to try them sometime. Right now I'm loving the 172's. I figured out how to do inside double three turns (with instructor advice). I realize that's kind of a beginner thing, but for me it's a big accomplishment. I'm still a beginner and still learning. Outside 3's were simple, but now can do both! I just can't believe the difference a "level- specific" boot and plate can make.

Now for the perfect insole.....
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