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Originally Posted by markwphoto View Post
I've been working my outer back upright and sit spins all week and they're coming along nicely. I'll have a video on it soon. I still control the balance of the spin with the right shoulder extending down to the hand. If the left gets twisted too far back the body gets twisted and typically I end up rocking back to the inside edge...Aka spin over.

When the right shoulder/arm/hand presses to control the spin the whole body must move as one to go with it. If you just bend at the waste the right side dips too low and you'll end up falling out of the spin.

I just made a reply to Derrick about the hips. I've learned this week that the hips must stay square to the body. If the left hip is too far forward on the outer back the spin gets choked. If the left hip is too far back the spin will never get started. Square to the shoulder is key for the hips but balance control still goes right shoulder. More coming soon!
Your video and advice helped me out. I did find that I was planting my performing foot way too heavy on the outside back wheel and trying to start my spin from that position. I get spin but after rocking over, I would drag the back inside wheel and slow the spin, killing revs. Just plain not well over my skate.

I took my non performing arm totally out of the start of the spin. That helps me not flail my arms. But I still fall onto my non-performing foot and jump back into the spin. I get spin but not an elegant entry.

I found a rink buddy thst will get some vid for me.
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