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Originally Posted by Skatervideoguy View Post
Hi ese002,

You are quite right to be concerned about your Safety when Skating on the Street. It's generally quite Dangerous to do, even more so than riding a Bike on the Street. You're a very Small - Moving- Target to be Seen against most every Environment you're in much smaller than every Motor Cycle, Car, and Truck on the Road.

Most of us are dependent on our Eyesight to do most all our activities, like Skating and Driving. In most States you only need 20/40 Vision in one eye to get a License. That's not nearly as good as 20/20 with both eyes. Lots of folks Driving don't See as well as you might think. So even less chance of seeing You. So DO NOT Assume that you will be easily seen, you won't. Assume everybody else is Seeing 20/40 out of one eye (less distance and peripheral Vision).

DO NOT Assume that anyone can Hear any of those Noise Devices your considering, or your Yelling at them. There are some folks that are Deaf, and many others with Hearing Impairment (and lots of them don't wear Hearing Aids). So it's also best assume that you won't be Heard. Not to mention the Rolled Up Windows, Better Sound Deadening used in Vehicles, and of Course the Radios and Cell Phones. Also, many folks just are not Listening or Watching out.

Sooo, your Best Option is to Dress in the Bright or Fluorescent type of Shirts and Pants/Shorts and Helmets, and perhaps one of those Bright Flashing LED Lites on your Helmet that will make YOU Maximally VISABLE, and then Skate as Defensively as you can. Even Drivers with 20/20 Vision in both eyes, are not generally looking for Skaters or Bikers rolling down the Street. Maybe they should be, but it's not likely they are.

Anything Less, is putting your Life & Limb in someone else's hands. It's always up to You to protect yourself !!

This is all based on my observations over 57+ years of Driving, and 60+ years of Skating experience.

Safe Skating !!



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