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Originally Posted by bigred875 View Post
i'm concerned about the bearings...which bearings should I use?
There is a lot of buzz on here about which bearings people use. Personally, I have always likes Bones Swiss bearings. This is what I use in my outdoor inline wheels and indoor quad skates. I have some sets that are over a decade old and with minimal maintenance. I rarely ever clean my bearings and probably add synthetic oil to lube them maybe every other month.

I also have a couple of sets of Acer hybrid ceramics ( that have been very good. This is what I use in my indoor inline wheels.

I also have a single set of Sure-Grip Qube 8-ball bearings that I have in my outdoor quad skates. They don't have many miles on them, but the miles I have skates with them have been smooth and fast.

Some people buy huge bundles of cheaper bearings and treat them as throw-away. These are usually people who skate rain or shine. I'm a fair-weather skater, so I rarely ever get my bearings wet. I know that some people say that they don't notice a difference between cheaper bearings and more expensive bearings, but I seem to. Maybe it's a placebo effect. I have never skated a full ceramic set, mostly because I have a REALLY hard time paying $8+ for EACH BEARING (like this: But, they don't rust like stainless steel does.
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