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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Then why not give us some? I am all ears.

Common sense is essentially ones ability to reflect on a situation, play out scenario potentials, and come up with an averaged logic of what could or could not happen bro.

Anyone suing over a toestop boss and an injury due to a bend like that where the metal has torn is probably going to spend alot more time and money than they would ever get out when its noted how the failure occurred.

Also the fact that it didnt tear clean off and the angle of attack of ones foot was not significantly affected during the stop, but im sure anyone would notice the fault as it happened to that degree.

Its quite easy to play through the events that cause the failure, see the potential for a fall,(nearly non existant) and know that it was nothing to have a lawsuit over.

Also consider that again, this is the ROLLER DERBY forum, and one should essentially be properly geared, which would prevent nearly any injury from a failure. Ontop of that most (not all) derby players carry liability insurance for their sport.

If those things didnt occur to you, then think a bit more beforehand
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