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Default Advice on Seba skates

Hi Guys!

I have been skating for almost about a year, and need your advice and expertise in regards to new skates I would like to buy.
My first pair is Seba Trix 90... size 45. my foot length is 28.6cm, 11cm wide.
I put two socks on my foot and a custom made insole which decreased a bit more space inside the boot.
I still have some freedom in the boot, and feel best when my feet get really warm and large a bit.
I mostly skate in urban areas.

I would like to buy new skates by Seba... and aim for a tighter fit this time...
I don't know if I could get used to size 44 without suffering, because as soon as I put any skates at the shop... I feel super tight inside and not comfortable...
Should I go through a painful break-in period this time? Which skates would you recommend? any guys with similar foot size and experience ?
Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks you!
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