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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Any helps on my form.

I want to enter like 3:30 in

On one foot. But I am way off. When I try it from a stand still I'm completely on my toes. I've wtched the rolaboi video over and over. I can do it on a trainer but I catch all four wheels if I don't just use my toes. If I enter rolling even slightly, I avoid being completely on my toes but I fall out of the spin after one rotation.

I can enter like 4:05 inconsistently. But that wobble and catch is normal. Sometimes I catch it on my balance heel and finish heel-toe.

I still feel I'm missing something, hopefully simple.
Hi Derrick, Like you I am learning the IB spin with no-one showing me how (I'm not allowed to spin in my dance grade so don't tend to practice it at the "rink"; I pay for floor & coaching time so want to spend my $$ on competition stuff!) Here's my vid! My goal is to be able to do 3-4 revolutions from standstill EVERY time. I tend to move a bit which is not good. I do it from a standstill because the opening steps is the only place I would eventually be able to work it in my routines (the opening steps do not get judged). Anyways so far I've found my major downfalls is not keeping my shoulders/upper body and free leg stable enough. I tend to dip to the free side with my upper body and fall out of the turn (especially when I get dizzy) and sometimes my free leg has a mind of its own which has the same effect. So the markers that has helped my so far has been make sure upper body area stays horizontal and 'engaged' (don't lean in any direction) and to keep the free leg in the same place/under control. This is just my own experience - and I don't have much! I also find that spinning on a wooden floor is a lot easier - in the vid I am on lino which is a bit sluggish. I am trying to learn the Inside forward Upright Spin as well - I find that quite hard, the wheels sorta stick after 1.5 revolutions... just have to keep at it

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