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Ok, this happened to me years ago but I was told by Debbie Rice (aka, Barbie Bont) to get 85a instead of trying to get the hardest possible. My thinking at the time was I do better on the hardest wheel and I also skate on some really rough asphalt, sometimes on some bad concrete, although I usually skate on nice stuff because I look for it.

Anyway ... I just thought she was wrong. But like so many times, and it gets very frustrating, I was wrong and everyone else is right. I had no idea and thought it was my technique issue because usually that is the problem. However, I noticed my times were always better on a softer wheel. Didn't make sense to me but I go by the numbers so that is what I have been on. Weird.

Now Mort explained it where it makes sense to me now. Thanks Mort. On a track like smooth pavement I can see where a really hard wheel is great but on rougher roads, I have found the 85a is perfect, just like Debbie said. When you know, you know.
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