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Hi MA/NY Skating Dave, xplorr94248, and Everyone,

OK NC-Guy not picking on you yet you are once again skating a tough sport built of falling every so often. Great yet I want to keep you and others skating for a long time once you get re_started.

You as a Skater just can't stop other people (like little kids) crashing into you, or pennies, plastic pieces on the floor. Picked up several pennies the last few weeks which I did find odd. Yet hey it happens.

I just turned 67, now Skating for 60 of those years with out the multi-year "Break" or "Hiatus" that most all my compatriots have taken. Over those many years, I've seen far far too many folks taking all sorts of falls - and for those over 30 - way too many taking damage that has either restricted their Skating - or caused them to cease Skating altogether.

Most all those injuries could have been reduced, or simply prevented, by wearing the proper protective gear. I'm only still Skating because I've been wearing most of it for more than 40 of my 60 Skating years. I fall on a rather regular basis due to my type of Skating (Speed Skating, Spinning, Jumping, Some fancy foot-working, and a stint of 27 yrs of Stilt Roller Skating), and my generally limited coordination - let alone the items mentioned by MA/NY Skating Dave. At 67 yrs., 6' 4", and now 210 lbs, I'm not anxious to take Falls or Injuries - so I Pad Up, as I have for Decades now.

Like MA/NY Skating Dave, I'd really like to see many more folks Skating and enjoying it more - even us Older Folks.

I consider at least the Volley Ball type Knee Pads to be the minimum option for everyone to wear, since that's where I see most folks falling and Hurting. Adding the Hip / Coccyx Pads, Elbow Pads, and the Wrist Guards is the best safety option for folks over 30 - especially for the Ladies - since their Bones tend to be smaller and more fragile - and all of us loose Bone Strength as we age up.

Unfortunately, over the last few Decades, we've lost many Wood Floors. On most Wood Floors you had some "Give" and Slide. Now there are many more Coated Asphalt or Concrete floors that offer ZERO Fall Energy absorption (from "Give" and Slide) - Your BODY absorbs All that Fall Energy. Also, most of the few Wood floors left are now "Coated" and hence they offer "No Slide" either. So "Falling" in many Rinks Today is simply more dangerous to your body than in decades past.

Add to that - the Lower Lighting, Extreme Sound Levels, and the lack of Effective Floor Structuring being used in many Rinks today - and you have a recipe for Greater Fall Risks and worse physical damage. For those above 30 yrs. old, and those returning to Skating after a long Hiatus, those Falling and Damage Risks are even greater.

This is all based on what I've observed in more than 160 Rinks over the last 60+ years, my personal Skating & Falling experiences, and the "why" for most of my recommendations for your personal Skating safety.

SO, Pad up, do your stretching exercises, put in your Ear Plugs and get Back out there - but Please do it as Safely as you can ! Then perhaps you too, can Skate into your 60's, 70's and beyond !!

297's on Centurys, 220's on Snyder Advantage, BackSpin 95's, Bones 97's, 98's, 101A's, Skating 65+yrs & still Rollin at 73+. Great Lifetime Hobby to have !
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