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Originally Posted by 73watermutt View Post
I know we have a show your skates thread but how about a little twist on it. Post a pic or pics of ALL your skates and skating items such as wheels and other items you may have. I know that a few members have really nice collections so post them up for everyone to see. Here is my collection so far. My new white front flap 395's with a navigator is on it's way to the Doc to be mounted. I just bought a side flap 395 I off the bay that I am waiting on. I also have a set of yellow lips coming.

I'm staying out of this one.....LOL
It Keeps me Young. It keeps me in good health. It keeps me out of Trouble. It connects me to past generations, And the ones coming up. It keeps me in touch with my community. It challenges me , It Frustrates me, It comforts me. I GLIDE ON THIS MUSIC, I FLOAT ON THESE WHEELS.AND ....I'll be doing it till they put me in the ground. SKATING ........The other Drug!!!!
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