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Activities 24
Total Distance 39.86 mi
Max Distance 6.45 mi
Total Activity Time 11:08:03 h:m:s
Activity Calories 3,328 C
Average Speed 3.6 mph
Max Speed 17.2 mph
Average Heart Rate 133 bpm
Max Heart Rate 172 bpm

December was even more dismal than October, largely due to the holiday travel. But it was more diverse. Most was still walking but I recorded a couple of swims for the first time ever. But this tiny contribution is what I am most proud of:

Activities 1
Total Distance 1.27 mi
Max Distance 1.27 mi
Total Activity Time 12:17 h:m:s
Activity Calories 41 C
Average Speed 6.2 mph
Max Speed 9.1 mph
Average Heart Rate 99 bpm
Max Heart Rate 113 bpm

This, from today, was Tentative Test Roll, my first time on skates since the fateful crash. It wasn't *good*. It wasn't long. And my back is still not ready for a real skating workout, but it's a start. I am planning to do another one Saturday but I think a couple more weeks to gain the strength and flexibility to skate for real.

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