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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Worst month this year. 52.69 miles total skates and skateboards.


1. Voodoo Fest. My new job puts me right next to a double loop bike path that takes me about 20 minutes to complete, so at lunch I can usually get that 20 minutes (2 miles) at the very least. However, a yearly festival called Voodoo Fest every Halloween takes over both areas. Setup takes about 2 weeks and cleanup takes over a month. Puts my lunch skate sessions out of business.

2. Road Construction. My commute route was cutoff by serious road construction that required me to take a detour that was not skate worthy. Thankfully there was an overlap with Voodoo Fest so I didn't get thwarted at two different times. Now the construction is complete with bike lanes on both sides - an actual enhancement for skating to work - and perfect smooth tarmac at what was previously the worst part of my commute. So a net positive for the foreseeable future.

3. Weather. Rain and early darkness wrecked my weekend sessions.

4. Illness. My wife had to be hospitalized the last 4 days of November just when I changed to the evening shift at work so I could get more daylight opportunities for skating. Her stay cost me FOUR perfect weather skate days. She is home now and improving so I am thankful. Diverticulitis - welcome to old age.


For the entirety of December I will be working roughly 3PM-12PM with 2 days off every week. I have access to a car one of those days and typically December gives me many glorious mild weather days. So I might go out of 2019 with a BANGUP bunch of miles. My lunch sessions are done for the month due to darkness but I should get many longer sessions. Road construction is complete and the Voodoo Fest track is still filthy with dried mud but skateable with due caution.

I am currently at 1397 miles for the year and hope to AT LEAST break 1500. This seems likely but man, I hate to get my hopes up.

Also, due to no skating there has been no crashing or overuse injuries. So...I am all healed and as perfect as I get going into the 12th month. Managed 12 miles today and Wednesday I hope to get 20-30. A good start if it holds up.

My new trailer is THE BOMB! Perfect. Inspiration and a Sherpa to warm clothing, extra socks and plenty of hot or cold beverages for longer skates on the local 60 mile Rail-Trail. Maybe get one 50 miler this month if all goes well.

Your 52.6 miles still beats me and you got some sweet asphalt too. I've tallied 47.6 miles and none of that was on skates. Most of it is boring walking but there is some light. I managed my first hike since the crash on Thanksgiving Day and I put on a few miles on the push scooter. Scooting is rather lame compared to skating but it the one kind of human powered wheeled transport I can actually do so I'll take it.

I'm still in the back brace so skating is clearly out. My tail bone is still a wreck so the bike is also useless.

My skate total for the year currently stands 3,259.70 miles. It probably won't change. If the checkup next week goes well next, I hope to be easing out of the back brace. But it is going to take a while to rebuild my core enough that I can skate. Add in Christmas and the rain and I honestly don't expect to be back on wheels before the new year.
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