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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Good choices, you want something around 45* hmmm
But your skating style, lot's of toe spins is calling for an 18-21 degree plate, much more stable on two wheels or on the ramps.
Guessing you have high boots and lace them all the way up for ankle strength for spins, D/A45's with boots laced all the way up seem's like overkill, low top boot's allow ankle flexibility, which is what D/A45's are all about.

Roll-line is 18-21 degrees, and there are lot's of roll-line knock off's, roll-line plates like roll-line wheels, and roll-line makes great outdoor and indoor wheels, and....the wheels fit on and make less of a footprint, exactly what spins require.
The Snyder Advantage plate is a Roll-Line Killer, it's less expensive and made in the USA according to the Boss.(Bruce)
Full Disclosure, I only skate outdoors, I'm on Magnesium D/A45's with Roll-Line Helium wheels.
My boots are low cut though I do tie them securely. I haven't felt a need for more ankle stability for spins since I rely on balance more than strength for spins. I like having ankle room for moves like the coffin and just general comfort. Might have to get a tall boot when I start jumping.

I wasn't aware that roll line made outdoor wheels but since trying my Rollerbones I've gotten attached to the feel of the thin wheel and have only been able to find that on indoor wheels. Do they have a compromise between the 15 and the 45? Like a 30?
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