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If weight is a factor, skip the xk4. Its ridiculous for weight.

Avenger is a good lower budget choice. It is durable. They take a lot of abuse, quite a few people use those plates outdoors,. I've heard that magnesium is a bit easier to skate outdoors as it will quell vibrations of the road a tiny bit better than aluminum. Personally never tested that.

Loads of people love snyder Royals though I'm not sure if anyone skates them outdoors. I have not had any chances to roll them myself. They arent light, but they arent as heavy as an xk IIRC

If you're considering outdoor skating a nice plate is a SureGrip probe plate. Its a plastic baseplate, yes the trucks are cast, but the dampening it can offer outdoors is quite nice.

Roll*Line stuff is always top notch. Really cant go wrong with their gear, although you will probably pay alot for about the same performance as anything else out there.

Get a plate with a toestop boss is my recommendation. Unless you're going to make an Aussie mount with an axle as far forward as possible for speed, having a jam plug at the very least will help protect your boots tip/toebox a little, where a NTS plate may not.

7mm or 8mm axles isnt an issue much, but it can make a difference with things. That's a long explanation though, and mainly has to do with the bearings and how much play there is between the axle OD and the bearing ID bore.

My personal plate is a Powerdyne Arius. Very light, very connected to the ground. Lower deck height than the avenger and significantly less weight. It's a great choice IF you know what you're getting into, as there are several things that need doctored up. I've had 2 plates of them myself. I wore out the first one and made modification to the setup, so there are several things that need addressing if that ever becomes a choice option, you'd need to know how to set them up the right way and would need to buy some of the shims I had made.

They also dont do as well outdoors because of the way the trucks connect to the plate. They arent dampened by a cushion. The arius trucks swing on a hinge, and you feel a lot more of the skating surface because of that. I still use mine outdoor, but it's a decent bit more rough than a probe plate.

I also wouldnt recommend an arius to a newer skater. They tend to have a feel as if they are on a needle fine edge and dont have a "center" which is somewhat true. It's a hinge, and eventually laps in a little in the center more than the edges, develops a low spot and rolls straight after some hours of use.
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