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Originally Posted by Analog Kid View Post
The toe stop really helps getting out of the bowls but I just do a pull up and mantle so they aren't a necessity but a huge convenience.

When you say simplicity of changing parts on the roll line, what did you mean? I've never had great difficulty adjusting my skates but I've done very little adjustment besides loosening the trucks as far as I dare.

One thing that concerns me is that my skates have a washer to separate each wheel/bearing from where the axle attaches and I'm always worried about losing them when I change my wheels or do maintenance. My dad's plates have a small washer shaped bit of metal that is part of the plate and therefore can't be lost. Are the washers built in on the roll line or completely unnecessary in the first place?
The washer question..... I have a Mariner Cup from Roll Line.

It depends on which wheel you use.
Some wheels, like the 101A, needs that spacer because it rides way to close to the truck, due to the bearing not sitting flush ..... some other wheels have a built in...I guess, kind of angle to them on the back side that kick them away from the trucks., or the bearings sit a little more flush.

I have to use a small washer when I put my 101a's on, and I have to take off the washer when I use the STDs..........yeah, its a pain, but I have extras of those small washers... inexpensive.....
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