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Default Everyone is biased

What I said, everyone is going to be biased to their own plate. So I am too. If you like spinning on your toes and looking smooth, you could go without a toe stop. The toe stops are usually for people that like artistic skating, for landing. But, I just re-read your thread, bowl-skating and ramps may need a toe stop.

I am a rhythm skater. I skate technically, a lot of cones and footwork. I went with a Roll Line Giotto. No toe stop. I wouldn't trade it for anything on the planet. It was the best decision I ever made. It is really light and allows for super deep edges. One footed spins are SO easy. 3 turns, (or pivots) are simple. Heal work, easy. The Giotto allows for REALLY deep grapevines and exaggerated dips. So my recommendation comes from my experience. I tried two other Roll Line Plates, (the Mistral and the Matrix), but the toe stops is what kept me from loving them (even though I used a jam plug).

The next best part about Roll Line, is the simplicity of changing out parts. They are sooooo simple to take completely apart to change the cushions. Worth every penny. The bearings are 7mm. (Snyder takes the same size I believe).

Everyone has good advice here. I'd say, just try to figure out who skates the most similarly to you, and go with that advice. Good luck!
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