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Default Help me narrow it down - plates

I'm new to the forum (and forums in general so sorry in advance for any faux pas)

I recently discovered damage to the dynapro plates that came with my skates, and after extensive plate research I've gotten my choices down to 4 upgrade options:

Roll line dance: Pros: I like the angle of the trucks, they have good reviews, machined from high quality aluminum, much more responsive than what I have without sacrificing strength. Cons: the priciest, and I've heard that the cushions and wheels are not interchangeable with my current setup, and possibly difficult to source or expensive to replace

Snyder Royals: Pros: similar responsiveness, angle of action, and quality to roll line but cost less, have a nice classic cool aesthetic, drop forged from high quality aluminum, and apparently the trucks are interchangeable with the stronger imperial trucks if I anticipate putting the whump on them. Cons: still a bit higher than some other options, I'm unsure how to navigate purchase considering that production materials and quality may have changed and currently available plates may not reflect the excellence suggested by older reviews. Still my top choice of plate so far.

Sure Grip double action reverse kingpin xk-4: Pros: My father has been skating on the single action old school version of these plates for the last 42 years, in all terrains and has put them through jumps, tricks, races, and I know they are a reasonably unbreakable plate. They're made of drop forged aluminum, the angle I want, the jump bar looks snazzy as hell Cons: I can't seem to find any reviews of how they actually skate, my father can't really provide much insight because he has nothing to compare them to. CHEAP, wouldn't bat an eye to purchase them. Again, quality of materials and production may have changed in the modern age so I'm not sure how they hold up today, especially in DA. HEAVY. I don't really mind weight but I may in future as I improve.

Some 4th option: I want a plate with somewhere around 45* trucks, machined or drop forged but NO CAST, I would consider magnesium but I'm not sure how well they hold up to a lifetime of skating and also... Could I light myself on mega fire??? I've had avengers recommended to me and I'm not sure about the aesthetic but functionality and durability are of the utmost importance to me so I'm considering.

My skating style: I skate mostly in the rink (some limited outdoor skating in city streets or in the skate park ramps and bowls), I do a lot of one and two footed spins, spinning and skating on my toes, going for smooth and powerful. I have difficulty in my current plates getting deep enough into an edge, as well as switching edges. I have good balance, good flexibility, not so great at fast lateral motion but I'm somewhat new to skating still so I suspect it's a lack of confidence in jumping around. Looking forward to improving the number of rotations on my spins, control overall, and hoping to progress to jumps of all kinds. Still debating my need for toe stops. These are going to be partially or fully purchased as a birthday present for me so price isn't a real concern, just a consideration.

Any advice, plates that might suit me, or information I might need about the plates would be greatly appreciated!!
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