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Originally Posted by John Nicholas View Post
Thank you so much for all the fabulous responses! They are greatly appreciated!!

My daughter is 15 and she truly knows what she wants. She really appreciated your comments and has stated that she is going to stick with the jam plugs!

My daughter has no interest (at least at this time) for artistic skating or park skating. She told me today that she wants her skating to be fun and will not put any pressure on herself to learn difficult moves. That skating is her relaxing time!

She already is in a Korean K-Pop dance group, is in all Honors classes in High School and wants to start artistic ice skating!!

So we are fine with her just rolling around the rink with whatever effort she aspires to devote to it. Today I could see much improvement and it's only the second session on her new skates. I was very proud of her, she was giving advice and pointers to a young teen beginner at the rink today!!

That is amazing form and control. But I know that's not something I have any desire to do. The dedication, skill and determination to skate in that manner is admirable and awe inspiring, but Neither my daughter or I have any interest in skating artistically.

Thanks for sharing all your comments and suggestions!
Getting mixed messages, you state she want's to start artistic skating after saying numerous times she doesn't want to learn artistic skating?

Anyway, as you're located where there may be ice rinks, why not go try one, ice skates are way lighter and learning to skate on ice is fun, after learning on ice roller skating is simple, all the same moves in slo-mo, slo-mo because the heavy skates slow your motions.

And...learning with toe stops would be safer, after learning how to run on them and to jump and turn backwards at speed and screech to a halt, two moves for safety, then going to jam plugs might make sense.

Wrist guards will save young wrists.
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