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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
If you think I am joking, take a look at my active ICON. That is me doing a single mapes at age 55 and at about 310 lbs. Now that was crazy.

That year I snapped an arm in 2 places and had a massive concussion. My wife tossed my skates in the trash. I almost divorced her over it. No joke about that. But I will get another pair of skates once I get my weight down and I have medicare.

Truth: The Icon is me jumping as I stated above.
Thanks for the reply, that pretty crazy alright, my hats of to you.

I have never broken anything yet, zero health issues. Workout 3 days a week, 170 lbs @ 6'2. But I have the luck of genetics (so far anyway, could change any time!), unmarried and have lots of time.

Yes, at 310 lbs the forces involved would be dangerous jumping even if you were 18 years old. But if you don't skate real fast, don't jump, I don't think you are likely to get hurt even at that weight and age.
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