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Skatervideoguy -
Coachlite South, I-435 & Reo Ave. in Overland Park, Ks. I Met my wife of 23 yrs. at this one.
Threw me off a little when I tried to find a rink off of Reo. I skated a few times at the one where you met your wife. KC apparently is the headquarters for Applebees and they took over that building at I-435 and Roe as their base some years back.

There are very few rinks that have that 70's color palette in their carpets and wall paint, but Coachlite was one of them. Unfortunately, the Coachlite's didn't seem to weather the rink famine like the Skatelands and Skateworlds. There is a similar Coachlite rink in St. Louis, Mo that I believe is still operational and has kept the old designs. Maybe you and your wife can visit that one as the surrogate for your old KC location.

As indicated by Skatervideoguy's list, KC took a big hit, but KC had a ton of rinks at one time. So even now, there's probably at least 8-10 roller rinks in the surrounding KC area. Compared to areas like NY City and San Fran, which are barely able to muster up a handful of rinks, little old KC is doing just fine IMHO.

Here's another one that died in the midwest:

Saints Olivette Rink, St. Louis, Mo
1168 N Warson Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63132
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