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Originally Posted by rwsz View Post
ok bill what is a combat robot team??????
Rick?? who are you??? (where's your intro)

Think Battle Bots, That's what we designed it for. Ours weighed 120lbs and dominated the middle weight for 2-3 years including 2 national titles. It took a lot of work... and money. There wasn't much else to win, so it was retired.

Since then the bot's been cannibalized and My buddy Mike (it's his bot), and my Nephew are using the speed controllers and batteries, adding some processors and solid state gyros, to make Segway clones. Mike's a skater, but also a techno gearhead. my nephew who was also on the team, is a future CEO/Inventor/VCmagnet and currently a highschool kid (who already has a patent) he just wanted something cool to ride to school.
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