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Originally Posted by Bill View Post
Hello Everybody,

I'm rather new to the sport compared to some of you that are my age. I skated for the first time in my 30's and Found out about Artistic skating in my late 30's and have been skating club for the past 8 years.

I skate for fun, and also compete in Esquire Figures. I compete because it gives me a goal to focus on, and I feel it's one of the best ways to support the sport. I also skate Dance and other figure events at local contests, and of course Gold Skate. I'd like to skate team, and I've been working on getting one of the skate moms to skate with me next year... hopefully things work out.

I also like to skate sessions and try to visit all the rinks in my area. Skating Session is where I started skating, and I still enjoy it. I also enjoy skating outdoors. I skated several of the outdoor night skates in my area for many years. I like skating in new places so I take my inlines when I go on vacation for a week or more (also the only cure for skate withdraw).

Like a few others on this forum I'm a big fan of all types of skating. I think the best skating to watch is when the skaters are having fun, and doing cool things on skates. You can't beat that. I also enjoy going to organized events including events like Skate Jams to World Class events , Art (2004), Roller Hockey (2005), Roller Derby (2005). Art Worlds was great and everyone should go if they can. I just saw D Miles "Burning Man" Rink post, on the other forum, and put that on my to do list.

Besides skating I also enjoy Photography, Bicycling, Camping, Chess, and Live performances. I was also an active member a 2 times National Champion Middle weight Combat Robot team.

OK, someone else now, let's keep this rolling!!!!

ok bill what is a combat robot team??????
Ciao Rick
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