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Originally Posted by Bexskater View Post
- I am a Senior Dance Competitor and have been competing in this event for three years now. I used to skate Solo Dance but then took up Couples as it interested me for a long time

- I am from a place called Milton Keynes in England. I skated for Milton Keynes Roller Dance Club for 6 years & have skated at Meridian Roller Dance Club for 3 years

- I skate at Orpington Leisure Centre, Orpington, Kent, England

- As a solo skater I competed in Club Competitions, British Championships & Cup of Europe and as a couples skater I have skated in Club Competitions, Silver Cup Competition, British Championships, European Championships & World Championships.

- I use Edea Flamenco boots, Roll-line Energy Plates & Roll-Line Grease/Formula wheels.

- I spend most of my time at work, college, skating, shopping, spending time with my family & friends & most recently learning to drive : ) x

oh no another young blonde Brit driving, the world is in trouble now lol,,joking hon
Ciao Rick
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