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Default Artistic Roller Skaters - Introduce Yourselves!

I hope our old and new friends in this artistic skating forum will use this thread to introduce themselves. Welcome everybody!

- What is your interest in artistic skating? Are you a skater, former skater, potential skater, parent of a skater, competition judge, federation member, rink owner, skate manufacturer, member of the media, or just a big fan of the sport?

- What country, state or province, and neightborhood are you from?

- Where do you usually skate?

- Do you only skate for fun or do compete? If you compete, what events have you participated in? If you don't compete, do you have any interest in doing so?

- What skates, frames, and wheels do you skate on?

- What else can you tell us about youself? What are your favorite hobbies and recreational activities outside of skating?


PS: Please also consider introducing yourself to an even larger group of skaters by posting in one or more of the Main Forum Introduce Yourself Threads.

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