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Smile I'm not sure about the Fomac Freestlye wheels.

What they are made of? I just assumed they were hard enough to slide, if you really wanted to, but I'm sure like you say....they would flat. All I know I tried a pair of /Fomac Freestyle Wheels for Freestyle/Artistic Jumps and spins and I felt they were a little bit slippery. So I guess I was guessing, not really knowing what I was talking about for!

I saw a new wheel in our local rink Display case/for Sale. They were called Adonis and they were the smallest diameter wheels, I have ever seem. They were 130.00 dollars and came with extra special diameter small precision bearings. I got a feeling this is another "Slider" type of wheel??????

I know one rink in SoCal that does not like sliding, but I think in our rink it is OK. At least they sell which seems to be all kinds of "Slider" type of Wheels.

I think there were all kinds of Clay wheels in the late 60's. When I came around the Zephr Wheels was common, then the wheels got a little more grippier, like the "Comet". Think there were others. I guess a non common slider wheel/ meaning not sliding was the Excaliber and I guess at some time the All American Dream would be considered a non-slider type of wheel.

Personally the slider and those type or skaters/rexers and so forth have caught my fancy so I thought about building a skate just for sliding or rexing.

I think it would be a special case of a Berry low top boot, Synder titanium Royal plate and maybe the Adonis wheels. I think that would give a pretty cool, skate for the "In"!/The young!

Take Care,

Larry O and have fun skating indoors/outdoors, inlines, or quads.
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