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The basic difference is the base model is a plastic frame, and the pro model is a die cast aluminum frame.

If your using these skates outdoors I would suggest getting a solid plastic shell style. They are more durable. Also mens skates arent really any different than womens aside from color schemes.

Best to look for both male/female marketed boots, try to find models from 1-3 years old that didnt sell that originaly had over a 200$ MSRP.
Rollerblade twister 24/// twister 80 is a good urban skate for example. Theres a LOT of online retailers, search around

Try to find something that uses 80mm wheels. Any higher for a beginer is going to be a bit more difficult to start with. Smaller wheels keep you closer to the ground and greatly reduce the leverages on your ankles.

A smaller frame such as a "243" frame size will fit 80mm wheels and less. So you could even go as far as putting 72mm wheels on them.
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