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Default This gets pretty detailed...

I play a geocaching mobile game called Ingress that requires you to visit notable real world locations in a persistent global game of capture the flag.

Up until August of last year, I'd played the game by driving around to specific locations and unfolding my bike from the trunk of my Honda. My bike broke and it was taking some time to repair, and I'd been thinking of a new way of getting around.

While looking for something in my converted garage, I happened across a Walmart pair of kid's Bauers. I say they were for kids, but I got them when I was 15 or 16 for a roller rink trip because I didn't know that you could rent them there and insisted that my dad buy them for me.

They obviously didn't fit, but the liners were worn in enough that I could somewhat comfortably cram my size 11 flat feet in there (my foot size hasn't changed much since I was 15).

I did some research on the computer before actually going outside. Then I toddled around the sidewalk at 11 PM, trying to get the hang of it. While taking a break because my ankles were sore, I looked up skating tutorials and discovered Bill Stoppards "From Beginner to Beast" 10 step tutorial and made it my bible.

After about two months of forcing those all-plastic boots to accommodate my oversized feet, they finally popped as I was leaving class to catch the bus home, and I bought my RB Twisters the very same week.

TLDR: In all of the time that I described above, a lot of videos that came up were Slalom. I thought they were cool and beautiful and awesome and something I never saw in the United States, so I set my heart on doing that.
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