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Originally Posted by steadyeddie View Post
My dad always said, I came out of my mother's womb wearing a set of quads, Played roller hockey in various local leagues and places in the Metro NY/NJ area, from the age of 10 till the age of 52. I watched the transition of men playing in quads to inlines. Tried inlines, but my feet will be forever glued to quads. After a string of injuries, I decided it was time to hang them up. I figured, if Gordie Howe retired at the age of 51, it was time for me too. Sat around, gained weight, and was extremely bored. I just needed to lace them up, so I went to an open skate at a local rink, and I haven't stopped. It's like, there's this whole other world of skating that I never knew, with friendly people who love skating as much as I do. I'm learning as much as I can about artistic, shuffle, and even jam skating. Went to skate in Central Park for the first time last summer, and had the time of my life.

The best thing about skating, it's "low-impact," so I'm not killing my knees and ankles the way running does.

I love the low imapct exersize and just the feel of skating.

I've wanted to do the Centeral Park skate as well. But I haven't been to New York, can't afford to right now.
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