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Default Turning in Inlines

Ok, let me ask a dumb question.

How in the sam hell do I turn in these things?

I'm a quad speed coach and am pretty proficient on quads. Decided to try to start picking up inline speed because I'd like to coach that as well.

Anyways, got on them and I can cross over ok. Need a little work because the skates are so long, but no biggie. I can get around ok. Need a little more ankle strength. All of that will come with time.

But, can you turn on these things without lifting your feet up? Can I turn on the edges like regular roller blades just by leaning?

An experienced inline speed guy was at practice last night and he said that you can't turn like that. You have to pick em up. I've watched all kinds of videos on youtube about turning in inlines but they weren't speed inlines.
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