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Default Mmm... time passes, skates change

Well, back in March, I ordered some new skates. Received and
began skating them to sessions in May. They're Riedell 495s
with Crazy Apollo plates. I know alot of people around here don't
care for nylon plates. Based on my original experience with
Powerdyne Thrust plates, I'd agree with their flexing assessment.
But I'd upgraded my old Riedell 122s with the Apollo and they
worked out great with no flex. So when Derby Warehouse was
offering these boots with the same plates mounted to them,
I pulled the trigger on ordering new. I've since sold my old skates
with the original PD Thrusts.

Also got a newer pair of Sure-grip Rebels all hooked up for my
outdoor skating in the spring... can't stand winter for killing off my
outdoor skating.. . .

fashion duct tape is so much fun.. if you get sick of it later, you just
peel it off and do something new. In the meantime, it makes a great
skate preservative ;-)
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