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Originally Posted by kufman View Post
It looks like 10:1 or 15:1 for sure. I see a few in there, but not many.
It kinda depends on the definition of lead pack. The only 125s that I distinctly remember were used by Morgan Williams and Sonic, who were lapped by what I called the lead pack. I also exclude those dong the marathon like Dave Dolnick and Herb Gayle, both on 125s. I'm pretty sure the top 14 were on 110s followed by Morgan, Sonic, then me doing a bunch of solo skating on 110s.

Personally, I've stayed on 110s largely because of cost and partly because I'm just not that close to being competitive in race results anymore. I know cost is also a factor with Peter Doucet, though he clearly is a factor in the results. While out skating a gradual downhill today, I could feel myself winding out to a max speed where I wish I had another gear. It is the same feeling I get at the end of Duluth. I sometimes wonder if 125s would give me that gear, but then I tell myself it must be me and not my equipment based on results like NYC. Then again, 125s might be a band-aid or crutch that makes sense for a skater of my ability.
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