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Traditionally, people post here about their shiny new skates. These are not. Custom Pinnacle Elites casted at A2A 2013 paired with Bont 7050 frames. The boots and frames have about 16,000 miles on them. The wheels are MPC Back Magic XX Firm 110mm's closing in on 105mm. They have over 2000 miles on them and are due for replacement. If you look carefully, you can see what appears to be the shock band showing through.

On the back is a Powerslide brake. I don't use it often but I skate through commute traffic. I keep in on in case I need it.

In 2015, I was having tongue slide problems. After New York 100K, where this was a major issue, I took the boots to a local leather repair shop and had them add a lace loop to the tongue. The loops should have been smaller but as long as I run first laces over before I lace through, it works fine. Next time I get boots made, I will request this, or perhaps some of the mechanism from the start.

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