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I have never used Roll-Lines. I have jammed on Pacer Crown, Chicago speed, Chicago figure, POS Sketchers, Avenger white and Avanti white plates. The Avanti is the best, the Avenger and Chicago figure are the worst (too turny, loosey-goosey for me).

Avanti white is currently selling for ≈ $190, so it is more “mid-priced” than “money-is-no object.” It has a 10⁰ kingpin and I finished it off with hard cushions and tight action. Wheel bite is unlikely because the bottom of the plate to the center of the axle is 5 centimeters. It has a solid, stable feel to it and I like that everything stays in adjustment and remains tight. Going out of adjustment/coming loose is a pet peeve of mine. Also like that it’s made in U.S.A. Buy American!
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