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Here's some songs more than five years old I have had luck getting played
Snap, I've got the power
Missy Elliot, loose control
Timbaland and soshy , after dark
Sugar hill gang , rappers delight
CnC music factory , everybody dance now
Depeche mode , Strangelove
Rob base and DJ EZ rock , joy & pain / it takes 2
Tone loc , wild thing / funky cold medina
Salt n Peppa, expressions / Shoop
Black street, nodiggity
Brittany Spears - Toxic

Here some songs that I always thought were great, but no dice:
Pet shop boys, west end girls
Timbaland and Furtado, Promiscuous
Timbaland et al, Give it to me
Depeche Mode, People are People
Cameo - Word up

There is a website call 'who sampled' where you can look up your favorite songe and see who used them as a hook.
A good example is Buzzin by Mann in 2010. The hook is Nu Shooz I can't wait.

Sorry, this was prettier the first time I typed it, but my IPad didn't show me love and erased it.
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