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Default Have Used Don's Advice / Other

Hi Again,

First off you are going to have to update us on your progress. A lot of brain cells are firing to help you.

Originally Posted by emtdpf View Post
o - o If you happen to have either Direct TV or Cable, or Siruis, they have a channel of 80's and 90's music you can listen to and make your descisions....... o -o
I have used Don't technique to get songs for the guys I skate with that like 80s music. Got a boat load of suggestions from listening. They also have a young channel. SO anyway great idea to select songs, and have used it well.

Originally Posted by emtdpf View Post
o - o
At the top of Don's note he listed older music which is GREAT, yet young people look at, pattern "their generation" as we did before them. SO although I love KC and the Sunshine band, the Beetles, The Bee Gees, and much much more you need to find a current group or singer that is doing the same magic that touches the young teens at their age. .

In brain chemistry this makes sense that most teens look to other teens, or those slightly older, rather than those a lot older than themselves. Anyway that is the way it works in our culture.

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