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Default Get Songs that have Interludes / Comment Add

Hi Again,

First Derrick's comment. A tad long reply before I get to my title.

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Yea, I have that issue with Katy Perry. She seriously sells herself to the young crowd, o - o Then she copies her style of dress, it's not good. But her single Mom doesn't seem to care, or perhaps does not have enough time to care. All too common.
The above is all too true. Kids, Girls better than guys are copiers. Since the music industry has been doing this to young girls since maybe Madonna, it gets hard to latch onto a young music gal in rock music that doesn't turn slut, when it is time. The best you can do is pick a reasonably clean young music gal, and then ditch her when she turns to the sex for anything side like Miley Cyrus and Brittany before her.

Anyway the kids still like her and most of her songs and videos play to the princess in little girls. So those are mostly OK, YET not all. There is that "Let's Go all the Way tonight, make me your teenage queen"

OK Songs with Interludes for the Adults/Parents in the Catskills.
According to Research and a book I heard about on NPR the brain loves songs that have breaks into a new pattern and then return to the old music pattern. I won't go into the details as to why (too long) yet I have noticed in skating hard in chain skates with adults that these type of songs are like interval training and very enjoyable. Wish I could give you examples, yet you will know when you find them.

Yours in Skating to Music, Yours in Skating MA/NY Skating Dave
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