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Depends on what is comfortable for you. The pros are I notice that slicker wheels take the pressure off your joints when doing spins, pivot moves and makes it so you don't have to work so hard, and you are less sore and tired after skating. The cons are you may not be able to perform a lot of different moves you could do with your other wheels and you'll find you hit the floor harder and more often ().

My set up is the Roll Line Dance plate, Edea Classica Boot, 3 All American Plus wheels (103A - 2 in the front and one in the back on the outside), and 1 Fomac wheel (Way slicker than 103A - back inside). I can spin in the CW or CCW direction, whether it is toe-toe, heel-toe, heel-heel, one-foot toe spins, flat-foot/one-foot spins or two-foot spins, etc. When I had those 96A wheels, I found I was a lot more tired and my joints were crazy sore after sessions at the rink. Switched the wheels and never looked back!
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