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Originally Posted by Gma View Post
I'm 46 a grandma, love in Lara, Geelong ,Victoria Australia.

I was a champion freestyle skater back in 1983, and in Dance also. I skated for Skateway Willows in Townsville Nth QLD. I love skating, my Grandparents moved to Toowoomba in 85 I changed clubs lost interest in skating, because the new coach kept I couldn't do this and not allowed to do that. Pfft
I coached a little in Gosford NSW at age 16, then had kids etc. Have taken all my kids and grandkids skating they are naturals.

But now it's my turn to complete my silver and gold in free, dance and figures. AND maybe complete in seniors.
But I had a car accident 3 yrs ago which may restrict me but I will try slowly and just do what I can do.

Yeah so I'm not a.member yet as I need to find a rink, and get my new skates , as t imes have changed from my synder plates etc lol
Hope to chat more
Bye guy's
Welcome to the boards ,,,hope they are some help,,,good luck
Ciao Rick
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