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I don't think the hardness of wheel matters much if at all for spins that are toe/toe or heel spins, because you are not experiencing the friction of an edge spin, and are just pivoting around on two wheels (or 4 if you're doing a 2 foot spin). A wheel that is smaller, which lowers your center of gravity should help with balance though. When I used to jam skate I used very soft wheels, and did toe and heel spins with no issue.
However, if you're doing an edge spin, then the hardness of wheel would matter. You would want the harder wheel to be the wheel that is sliding on the floor, and the softer wheel as the pivoting wheel, or any wheel that is not the slide wheel, to allow you better grip for spotting the spin. For artistic skaters that rotate in the CCW direction, doing the standard edge spins, Larry's advice is spot on, that is the right idea.
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