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Default For whatever it me a chance to show off my new skates

the above link is for my new skates....Energy plate..painted gold...Berry Freestyle/Figure boots, which I painted black and gold..they were originally a good deal on them..half price sale from Patricia at Berry Skates..and I have not skated on these wheels in a while but they are the Roll Line 99A wheels on all eight wheels...the Berry boot is from Argentina and very stiff...has taken me six months to break in.

the harder the wheel, you would think the easier it is to spin...I'm using Bones 103A for everything..real loops, forward dances, freestyle and turn figures...on all 8 wheels...on my freestyle skates that I was using before the change I was using the Roll Line 99A wheel on all 8 wheels..I did not checker board my wheels..did not know how or the theory for checker boarding??????

I think most people "checkerboard" their wheels with the grippier wheel on the wheel you spin on..for instance if you were doing LIB (left inner back) Spin I would think the LF (left front inside) ,like your Roll Line 95 A wheels..going to the 97A or 99A wheels to the other 3 wheels?

Let's say most people do LOF (left outer forward) spin, .... the LOB (left outer back) wheel would be your 95A grip wheel. and lets say you also do a LIB (left inner back spin) then you LIF (left inner forward wheel) would be your gripper wheel...on the left skate you would have a grippier 95A wheel on the LOB (Left outer back wheel) and the grippier wheel 95A on the LIF (left inner forward wheel)...hence the "checker board" pattern of wheels on the left skate.....I would assume the same idea applies to the right skate doing the ROB (Right Outer back) spin and the ROF (right outer forward) wheel would be your grippier wheel..hope that helps a little bit???????????????????? and good luck...
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