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Talking Some very good skaters and past world champions have said

they could not win if they had to skate by the new rules...
I think one could adapt to the new rules if they wanted to, but maybe not.
I think countries like Italy are dedicated to the sport..but by the same token I have seen one skater from another country..Brazil and I don't think she could compete at the world level. I was told by my coach that even if you have a triple you will not get credit for it if it doesn't look like a triple...I guess she meant it was in bad form, or possibly cheated like in ice skating...if you under rotate you get no score and I think in Ice skating you cannot repeat a jump..but maybe put that same jump in combo and then it would count as a different jump..also it appear that your routine is submitted to the judges before hand...maybe like ice you already have a top score planned out by the judges..hence the judges already know if you are a front runner...
Personally what very little I have seen on you feeling is that guy that won roller skating worlds in Mens top division had 4 the guys in Ice skating and that is the level one should shoot for if you want to be the best in roller skating at the highest level.....certain jumps and spins and spins are getting very a Lutz jump..I was told if you rock off the edge you get zero score and might even be deducted????...maybe if you rock off you have done a flip and if you have already done a flip then you might get a negative score....points taken away...I will be quite honest ...I was watching a very talented begginer roller skater the other day..very young and maybe in her first year of skating..I heard she came from ice and was turning on her single mapes...i.e. ...cheating..I felt very sorry for her....not only is she learning the right way, but she may never ever be able to not cheat when she finally figures out she's cheating..skating is about the basics and somehow....some people just don't understand the meaning of doing the basics of skating correctly.being square at take off, getting height and landing on the same edge you started the jump off and not hooking the landing...I'm sure some skaters are doing the spins and jumps correctly....for instance I just learned the other day that a sit spin, is where your butt is lover than you knee....very few people do that and many skaters of the past never ever completed three revolution to be counted as a spin....look it up in the rule you don't get credit for a spin if you don't complete three complete revolutions...I have learned basic turn figures and basic edges in dance are a essential for good freestyle performance and technicality...I could see someone trying to execute a certain required turn in their footwork and not do it correctly ..hence you get a zero score or very little score and maybe if you did it back enough it would not even be called the figure turn they required.....I read an article in Skating Review magazine back around 1947 issue date and they said figures and dance moves are the basics to a freestyle routine..if you are not doing that..why even skate your freestyle don't even have the basics...then after getting good figures and turns and good dance moves blend your jumps and spins into a pairs, freestyle interprotation of the article...and back then they said you don't let go of your partner and only break to spin and jump and then reattach....they also said pairs is not a bunch of power lift moves???? and if both skaters get so far apart that one judge cannot see both skaters at the same time..."field of view"..then that pairs skating team in in bad form..they said pairs skating is not "tandem" skating..but anyway some thought to think about when you teach new skater to do freestyle or pairs.??? And God Bless everybody and good health..the main reason I got back into skating at 63 years old was not to compete but do get stronger and healthier so I could live to be older and be in good health.....
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