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Smile Mariana welcome to the club

As you will learn when you skate anybody who skates is your friend...competition gets in the way of friendship, but that is because those people have forgotten what skating is all about, when the competition is gone what do you have...your friendships and they last a life time..

The Edea Dance boot is a perfect boot if it fits you and if it doesn't they are heat moldable so all you need is a heat gun and a shoe expander and you can move the material outwards in the tight spots...

The Rollline Dance plate is the best plate money can has the most action in the if you start doing one of those "weave" dance where you go from one edge...ROF to LOF down the rink. turn, turn and turn for ever you will find it will be quite easy...Like all boots even the Flamenco they take a little time breaking in and after 4-6 months of light skating they will become softer and more malleable and softer and more comfortable..

I'm 64 years old and have been back skating for 3.5 years you know or may learn standing up and looking beautiful is a important part of skating...whether you are doing loop figures, turn figures, freestyle or Dance..

I spend a lot of times just trying to stand up..if you imagine a skating partner skating with you, you will inherently tend to stand up and look more beautiful. I spend hours just doing run steps and edges..ROF LOF down the's all about the basics and turn figures challenging you and may want to do turn dances and dance backwards..real loops on the small circles figures help you to cut a tight edge and learn to turn right as well as left..all these things lead to doing freestlyle ..jumps and spins..I jump very little, and spin a lot..upright spins and sit spins, but when I do jump the real loops, edges down the floor trying to stand up and turn figures helps me to rotate, stand up and land in good position when jumping...congratulations and have fun..because that is what it is all about..people think competing is is not..the friends you make the fun of rolling on the floor and being free is...and the exercise and healthy benefits is what keep you young and feeling alive in old age...
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