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Originally Posted by MerySkater View Post
I, my name is Mariana and I live un Buenos Aires.
I started skating almost 4 years ago, at the age of 40. For me it was a dream come true. It all begun with my daughter...she wanted to lean artistic we went to a rink near home. When I saw the childs...ohhh my....I couldn't resist and started skating too. I didn't even know how to tie my laces. Lol !!
The first year I learned figures. The second I learned how to skate backward and some figures backward. I learned the Waltz turn and the Waltz jump....I never expected to make it to jumps...but here I am.
I competed in two freestyle categories until now with other skaters of my age and I really enjoy it.
I have a pair of Edea Ritmo boots with Energy plates and Boiani Star wheels with roll line abec 3 bearings.
Next Year I'll do some dance too.I already have an Edea Flamenco boot and as I learned in this forum the recomended plate for this would be the roll line dance plate.
Well thank you all for the excelent information and opinions you post. Have been very helpful.
Weicome to the boards and enjoy skating and with your daughter also, good luck
Ciao Rick
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