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Theres a stepping pattern I often use to change from backwards to forwards. Maybe this weekend I'll get another skater to take a video of it.

Do you skate in a rink or outdoors?

If in a rink, going from backwards to forwards is usually easier if you rotate your body clockwise while skating in the normal rink direction(counter clockwise direction). If they are doing an "opposite direction" skate , going from backwards to forwards should be easier by rotating your body counter clockwise. This is even more so in a turn, as it will greatly cut down on the mount of rotation needed.

Stepping around also depends on one's hip flexibility. Edge work can help get you there too. Depending on which way you are rotating will depend on which foot you should initiate the transition with, and which foot you will be stepping onto first in the forwards direction.

Example would be if rotating clockwise, your initiation would be on the left foot, using the outer edge, with hard pressure on the blade of your foot to make it turn. This allows it to assist turning you around as you step around with your right foot.
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