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Originally Posted by polishedball View Post
Hi, first off I can't skate backwards well at all only can do it using in/out hourglass motion. Anyhow I can transition from front to back quite smoothly turning on my toe heel to heel then turnig out the front skate on the toes. I think I explained that right. Anyhow the issue is I can't get turned back arround smoothly. I have tried a multi step more dace/stepping count and that works at very slow stopped speed but not while moving. I have tried kinda the opposite going heel to heel again picking up one skate to get heel to heel then rotating out on the heel of the other. That has worked best, but any links or explainations done better than mine that can explain what to do?

I haven't got a video link but I believe one of the easiest transitions is just to step out forwards.

You are going backwards. Go onto your right foot, lifting the left, open your hips by beginning to turn anti clockwise (to the left!), then land your left foot in a forwards direction (does not have to be full 180 degrees), step out and skate on forwards. Reverse the instructions for a step out to the right side.
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