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Smile I appreciate that rick..not to many people really think I can do it.

Lots of the previous skaters who have done this already have offered up phone number to talk to me..haven't called them yet, but when I need help I will...

My goal for this year is a axel, double mapes and toe wally and OF Camel..If I can do that then that is the best I can do this year..if I get any of those items I will post..I did get two revolutions on a OF camel last's funny about that spin.if you pop it just right you can get on edge...just don't have enough control to do it..but I know I am close..i will keep you informed and God Bless you. maybe next year you can see me on the net..they did do a good job this year for the world to see.. coach was sick this week but I will get another lesson next week.
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