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Originally Posted by sunriver61 View Post
Does anyone have experience with the Hudor Figure Lite plate? I'm having these put on a new pair of Risport RF2's and got them through skater's oasis.

I wasn't impressed with the people at edea and roll line at nationals... customer service still factors in when selling a product - and I wasn't greeted until my coach walked me over there. Even then, eh.... not impressed.
A little bit of experience with it. Mostly the kids use the Hudor plate. Coaches like the heavy weight for figures. We have an older woman who wanted a lighter plate but preferred the feel of the Hudor. She got the Hudor light which we mounted and she really likes it. Itís exactly the same as the Hudor except made from a lighter metal. You can buy it from Skaterís Oasis or I can sell you one through our rink.
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