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Thanks for the replies. Larry, I appreciate the information. Yes, I am an adult (actually nearly 67, so guess I would be a bronze 3). Nice to know that there isn't a lot of backward skating as that is something that I have problems with so far. My legs just do not cooperate for things like mohawks, going forward ot backwards in normal manner, etc.

I am still thinking about a set up. Actually if things do not straighten up, I may not have to worry about it. I have Crohn's disease, which had been in remission until a recent bout of shingles reactivated it. I am losing weight and have little energy. So, unless I can get things back under control, I probably won't be doing a lot of skating.

I was thinking about the Mistral plate as an "all round" but will take a strong look at the Dance plate. Don't plan on jumps or anything fancy, so if it works for figures as well as dance, it would get strong consideration. Right now, I am thinking one good pair of boots and a good plate would likely serve me well.
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