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Originally Posted by wyodinosaur View Post
I'm inclined to believe that anybody can eventually do it. It might take some stretching, but over time, you should be able to do it.
It took me 8 months of work to get a full turn out. If you can't get to 180 without skates on it's unlikely you can while skating.

I did my stretching while watching TV in my recliner. Just keep trying to bring your feet to a straight line. Bending your knees helps. Depending on age, sex and lifetime activity it could take less time or longer. The key to any stretching is time, not intensity!

In all his discussion of "edges", Joe leaves out an item that makes this move easy and fast. The concept of caster as it relates to a wheel on an axle is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis. Casters on the front of a shopping cart easily follow the desired direction due to this offset. You can take advantage of this by lifting the rear wheels of one skate off the floor and starting the turn. Caster will do the rest IF you have the flexibility!

I'm sure anyone in normal condition can do this if they put in the effort. It's a very worthwhile skating move!

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