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Smile This is an old post.

I don't know what the gentleman ended up with or if he ever took lessons and hopefully entered competition.

The answer is yes and you could win....Let's say you are an adult... a typical event for an adult is Div 2...age 50-64 years old...All figures are don't skate backwards and you don't make or do turns, brackets...etc.

Same goes for Dance in that division and most "Adult" skating only skate don't do turns and you don't skate backwards...

I know one Lady who wins...she is excellent or very good in figures..She skates on a pair of Sure Grip Classic Plates...Reidell 120 boots, Bones regular bearings and Bones 101A wheels...Like I say she is the best in her division in solo dance and got 2nd in figures...

Let me tell you something about Adult Freestlye...In Southern California there is one contestant..He's over 60 years old...At Regionals there on are only two competitors and I heard that one guy is over 70 but I don't believe it..At Nationals in the Adult Freestyle..I bet there will only be 7 skaters...for the men.

I doubt if the winner will have anything more than a axel...OF Camel and OB camel...He will probably be 62 years old..


Larry Otani

Oh,,,what do I skate on..Yes I have two very different setups..

Figures, I skate on a Roll Line "Loop" Plate..with Komplex figure wheels and Berry boots. Bones Ceramic Bearings. I forgot the name of my "Loop" Plate..

For Solo Dance I skate on a Synder Royal Plate...Berry Boot and Roll Line 97A Wheels..and some regular Bones Bearings. Yes the Synder Plate is a special speed plate with the Titanium axels and King pins and the cushions are the soft ones...small diameter and conical for fast truck action.

There are three very reactive plates...I would put them in this order....Roll Line Dance Plate, very reactive.....Synder Royal Plate...2nd most reactive with there conical cushions and 45 degree trucks/action and third the Roll Line "Loop" Plate..less reactive..I forgot the name of my older Roll Line "Loop" plate.

I will say this.for dance next year I'm going back to the roll Line Dance Plate...Berry Boots and a combinations of Bones 103A and 101 Wheels and Bones Ceramic Bearings...I just want to try the Roll Line Dance Plates again and my boots are the normal Freestyle/ Figure Berry Boots and I like the Bones ceramic bearings..the Wheels I might go to anything after a while..but probably will stick to something grippier like a Roll Line ICE wheel....92A-97A hardness.

Hope that helps and that is my! Oh I have a chance to get 3rd in solo dance and a chance to get 2nd in Adult figures...Div 2, Bronze solo Dance Men and Div 2 Silver Mens Figures...
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